Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Hubby and I enjoy eating healthy. However, I've been feeling that we dont eat a lot of fruits.. and it almost gets impossible to get the daily recommended doze. I like juices, but I often wonder if drinking packaged juices is any good?
Gradually we have been introducing changes into our eating habits to ensure we consume more fruits.. at least a few varieties everyday. My smoothie series is all about getting more fruits into our routine. The Smoothie thought is inspired by a very close friend who loves to cook and is always ready to whip up new recipes every time we meet up!! Thanks Suraj for your inspiring ways....


Fresh Strawberries - 5 to 6, cut in half and 1 to 2 chopped or sliced
Ripe Banana - 1/2
Ripe Guava - 1 small OR
Guava Juice - 1/3 cup
Fresh Mint Leaves - 4 to 5
Plain Yogurt - 2 to 3 tbsp

COOKING TIME: 10 minutes

SERVING: Serves 2


1. Cut all the fruits. Strawberries in halves, Banana into coins, Guava into 4 to 6 pieces.
2. Put all the fruits into a blender and blend in.
3. Add the yogurt and 2 to 3 Fresh Mint leaves, blend again.
4. Add the chopped strawberries to the bottom of your beverage glass.
5. Pour out the smoothie into beverage glasses.

To Serve -
5. Top it up with sliced Strawberries and Mint leaves.

Enjoy !!

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